Dear Friends~

So inspired by 2012’s attendance at the TEDx Manhattan Beach conference, I have begun a charge to transform the way we educate our young people. My deepest desire is that we allow them to express themselves throughout their education so they grow to be authentic human beings connected with spirit, to themselves and to their humanity. Inside of that, I am working to build a “Creativity Campus” which includes a FabLab, along with Performing and Visual Arts courses to create a collaborative environment of imagination and innovation. After running a pilot “Creativity Track” in our middle school using the Creativity Campus to model blended and project based learning, I hope to one day replicate our programs and bring them to our more impoverished areas, so as to help break the cradle to prison pipeline, and help our young African American and Hispanic men stay in school and at home with their families.

But wait…there’s more. The following month I attended Marianne Williamson’s Sister Giant Event and saw a whole new possibility for women in politics. We make up 51% of the population and yet only 20% of the vote in Congress. There is a shift coming — a time of balance, a time of healing, a time of great change — and I intend to be part of that shift. Women, like myself, who have spent the better part of their lives deep in the work of transformation are joining the two conversations; spirituality and politics, to create a new foundation of political involvement based on principles from a higher consciousness. That being said, we need a place where these new inspirational leaders can come train and hone their skills, and future campaign managers can learn how to run a winning campaign in this new paradigm shift. I say we need a Women’s Campaign School here in Southern California, and I say I’m just the woman to get that started, before running for Congress in 2024 myself that is!

So, there’s a great deal of work to do in the next 12 years. If you see a place where you can contribute in these visions, I would certainly welcome the uplift. We really are all in this together.

With gratitude and blessings~


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