Because I strongly believe that when play is nourished it produces a climate for easy connection and deepening of self, I have become widely known as the “Queen of Connection.” I am an author, award-winning party designer, professional on-camera host, wife and mother of two, an executive, organizational expert, thought-leader, and serial entrepreneur — and I use my talents as a lifelong storyteller to inspire connection, play and celebration.

Since two of the human souls greatest joys are connection and a sense of community or belonging, I use this as my guiding principle for each facet of my eclectic life. I am also passionate about the exploration of the mind/body/soul connection.

This blog shares deeper ways to connect and play because after all…life is worth celebrating.

For more visit ShelbyPhillipsConnects.com.

Connecting Through Parties

I have specialized in creating parties from the heart, providing the perfect backdrop for play to occur. My featured spots on the Style Network’s “The Big Party Plan Off” added to my success as a cable network host, bringing my gifts for connecting with my viewing audience to the forefront.

I’m very proud to have created an easy, six-step approach to party planning which I share in the three book series The Enlightened Party Planner: Guides to Creating Parties from the Heart. My blueprint makes it simple to create playful and soulful celebrations with grace and ease, and has transformed the way thousands of people think about and curate gatherings.

To support the themed Party Plans shared in the book series is an award-winning product line with over 25,000 uniquely designed party supplies and home decorating accessories, making quick work of bringing an event  to life.

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