As an organizational connector, professional spokesperson and serial entrepreneur, I have been studying thought-leadership for three decades. My life-long love of “things that bring people together” has led me to award-winning careers in non-profit management, special event execution, live theater production, and Hyperloop!

I am passionate about connection. I am passionate about my husband and partner of nearly 30 years, about being a mindful parent to two savvy teenage girls in this sound-bite generation, and about my amazing circle of sacred-sister girlfriends who fuel my zest for life.

As a forever story-teller, it’s no surprise that I’ve been a TEDxManhattanBeach volunteer since 2013, or that Shirley Temple was my childhood idol. So when the time comes, you’ll either find me at the theater producing (and performing in) original musicals, prepping my one-woman show, or finally writing my 4th book — each dream aligned with becoming a U.N. Goodwill Ambassador and following in my hero’s footsteps.

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