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Evolving Beyond Ego

Ego-Knowledge-ygoel.com_Integral Enlightenment founder, Craig Hamilton, is a pioneer in the emerging field of evolutionary spirituality. In his inspired writings, talks, and teachings, he calls us to awaken beyond the confines of the separate ego and dedicate our lives to the further evolution of consciousness itself.

I am passing on to you a recording of his encore webcast of The Key To Evolving Beyond Ego. In this seminar, Craig shares a profound but simple shift in orientation that can enable us to get past the most basic and persistent barrier to our spiritual awakening and transformation.

This primitive part of our nature is left over from our early evolution, and it acts like a ceiling holding down our highest human potential. The ego that he speaks about is not our personality or the healthy functional ego needed to navigate life, it is a specific part of the self that is out-moded and clings to a narrow idea of who we are and what’s possible in the world. This ego hampers our most earnest and heartfelt efforts to evolve our lives and the world. But by engaging the process explored in this seminar, we can leave behind the limitations of ego that have plagued humanity for eons.

I love how Craig explains it. He says, “It’s like getting a software ‘upgrade’ from these ancient instincts of our animal past into an entirely new way of being.”

He offers practical tools and practices we can try right away — to bring our daily life into greater alignment with our deepest aspirations.

You can listen to this recording online or download it here.

Lastly, please feel free to share this audio with anyone you know who might also be looking for the next step on their evolutionary journey!

Here’s to our enlightened future together!

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