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Doesn’t Get Any Sweeter Than This!

Accidentally came across this today with my daughter and she asked me to share it with you.

We were so moved by Kai’s passion, we could barely see through our tears of joy.

Kids are truly amazing, and Ellen is a lucky girl!

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Merge Conference For Women

A 2 day Conference for creative women who want to merge their true passion with their profession.

Sat & Sun, March 2nd & 3rd. in Culver City!

Who is this conference for?
This conference is for women who consider themselves cultural creatives / social artists and are thinking of or in the process of changing into a more fulfilling career! Whether you are creators, designers, artists, storytellers, caregivers, big picture thinkers, career switchers and or corporate executives looking for a change – this conference is for you!

Early Bird Price: $215 (Regular $449)

Use the code: partners

Find out more at:

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Shelby L. Phillips

As an intuitive transformational messenger, a communicative wife of nearly 30 years, and an open-hearted mother of two, I take pleasure in telling good news stories, connecting people to the eight dimensions of well-being, and inspiring us to love ourselves and each other because life really is worth celebrating! Find out more about me at


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