Importance of Play

May 29, 2012 at 3:58 pm Leave a comment

The National Institute of Play says, “Play refreshes a long-term adult-adult relationship; some of the hallmarks of its refreshing, oxygenating action are: humor, the enjoyment of novelty, the capacity to share a lighthearted sense of the world’s ironies, the enjoyment of mutual storytelling, the capacity to openly divulge imagination and fantasies,… These playful communications and interactions, when nourished, produce a climate for easy connection and deepening, a more rewarding relationship – true intimacy.”  I think a successful party or gathering can accomplish the same thing.

Think about it. The chance to laugh, tell stories, enjoy playful banter, feel like you’re not alone in your views, share yourself — this all leads to a wonderful sense of connection and sense of community. Where better then a party or get-together, especially when you and your guests feel comfortable, to provide an opportunity to enjoy all these experiences at once? A chance to play and create intimacy!

I hope each of you had a playful Memorial Day Weekend and may you enjoy its refreshing and oxygenating powers throughout the week.

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