Take the Sisterhood Pledge

It moves me to tears every time I watch it. Will you take this pledge with me?

I pledge to

To cultivate sacred sisterhood, honoring myself, you, and all women.

I will take a stand for our rights, safety, well-being, and equality, ensuring you and I are both treated with kindness and respect.

I will support you in remembering your truth, seeing your gifts, beauty, and wisdom – connecting to your purpose and dreams.

I will value you and support you in valuing yourself through claiming your worth, wisdom, right compensation, self-care, boundaries, and needs.

I will honor that you and I have different ways of living, different beliefs, preferences, values and needs. 

I am open to learn from our differences without making either of us wrong or bad.

I will honor and respect the wisdom and value of all phases of age, body shape, health, and abilities. 

I will courageously speak up if I see relationship patterns or behaviors that harm your physical, mental, or emotional well-being, while also honoring your timing, journey and choices.

I am open to receive your feedback on my relationship patterns and habits, remaining humble that I may be resistant to seeing the truth, and I will check in with my inner guidance before I act.

I will cherish your secrets and personal shares in sacred confidentiality.

I will not spread gossip, rumors or perpetuate drama, say bad things about you to others, nor bad things about others to you. 

I will use my words as a sacred creative tool to connect, protect, inspire, and illuminate.

I will be gentle and respectful when I share my reflections with you about things that don’t feel good to me or meet my needs, boundaries, or desires. 

I will do my best to not disconnect, punish, blame, or push you away. When you are sharing your challenges with me I will seek to be fully present, to listen, to ask questions, and to confirm with you how you would like to be supported. 

I will tune in with myself to ensure I am available to offer you the support you desire, and will not judge myself if I am not.

I will be courageous when I’m afraid to be vulnerable, I will breathe open my heart when I want to hide or shut down and trust my intuition to guide me how to share in a safe way.To cultivate sacred sisterhood, honoring myself, you, and all women.

I will reach out to you when I need it, accept if you are not available, and remember that I am not alone.

If I feel judgmental or triggered, I will let it reveal to me what wants to be healed in myself, opening to gratitude for the gift of insight and this opportunity to grow.

I give us both permission to be messy, to be in process, in transition, to stumble as we grow, to be wild, passionate, unleashed, and full of life.

I will not use your successes to make me feel small or create distance between us.

I will celebrate them and do my best to support you in living your dreams.

I will recognize the importance of sisterhood and create time in my life to nourish our connection and support you in thriving, knowing we are creating a better world for all together.

I want to live in a world touched by your radiant presence, unique gifts, and soul’s purpose.

I am your sister. I see you, I thank you, I love you.

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The Ultimate Do Over

From one citizen to another, I beg of you: take a deep breath, ignore the deafening noise, and think deeply about what you want to put back into your life. This is our chance to define a new version of normal, a rare and truly sacred (yes, sacred) opportunity to get rid of the bullshit and to only bring back what works for us, what makes our lives richer, what makes our kids happier, what makes us truly proud. We get to Marie Kondo the shit out of it all. We care deeply about one another. That is clear. That can be seen in every supportive Facebook post, in every meal dropped off for a neighbor, in every Zoom birthday party. We are a good people. And as a good people, we want to define — on our own terms — what this country looks like in five, 10, 50 years. This is our chance to do that, the biggest one we have ever gotten. And the best one we’ll ever get.

Taken from an article written by Julio Vincent Gambuto for Medium.com entitled “Preparing for the Ultimate Gaslighting.Certainly worth the read.


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2 Minutes of Global Prayer Certainly Couldn’t Hurt

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Let the Good Shine Through These Dark Times

And the people stayed home. And read books, and listened, and rested, and exercised, and made art, and played games, and learned new ways of being, and were still.

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The Best I’ve Read So Far

Sorry, America, the Full Lockdown Is Coming

Politicians won’t admit it yet, but it’s time to prepare—physically and psychologically—for a sudden stop to all life outside your home.

An abandoned homeAn abandoned home stands behind a padlocked gate in Stockton, California, on April 29, 2008.  JUSTIN SULLIVAN/GETTY IMAGES

A few days ago I shared wine, cheese, and camaraderie with a small group of close friends, and sadly, after five excellent bottles of Côtes du Rhône wine, we said goodbye to one another, knowing we shall not again share company for many weeks, perhaps months. Yesterday my dearest neighbors knocked on the door, carts loaded with suitcases and boxes in tow, to wish me well for the duration of the great pandemic. We air-hugged, and I sadly watched them tromp off to their packed vehicle, abandoning New York City for their country home. As they wandered off, I said, “See you in September, I hope—or whenever things are normal again.”

For some countries—Italy, South Korea, and Singapore for example—the moment of decision and personal preparation has long since passed, and millions of people are stuck in place, watching their epidemic unfold. On the eve of St. Patrick’s Day, the mayor of San Francisco ordered her entire population to “shelter in place” for a few weeks: The window of opportunity to relocate has closed for residents of the Bay Area.

Whether you are reading this in your living room in Vancouver, office in London, or on a subway in New York City, you need to think hard, and fast, about two crucial questions: Where, and with whom, do you want to spend the next six to 12 weeks of your life, hunkered down for the epidemic duration? And what can you do to make that place as safe as possible for yourself and those around you?

Your time to answer those questions is very short—a few days, at most. Airports will close, trains will shut down, gasoline supplies may dwindle, and roadblocks may be set up. Nations are closing their borders, and as the numbers of sick rise, towns, suburbs, even entire counties will try to shut the virus out by blocking travel. Wherever you decide to settle down this week is likely to be the place in which you will be stuck for the duration of your epidemic.

[Mapping the Coronavirus Outbreak: Get daily updates on the pandemic and learn how it’s affecting countries around the world.]

To appreciate what lies ahead for the United States, Canada, Mexico, and the United Kingdom, pay heed to Italy, France, and Germany. The United States, for example, is currently tracking exactly where Italy was about 10 days ago. France and Germany, which track two to five days ahead of the United States, are now revving up measures akin to those taken by Italy, including lockdowns on movement and social activity. In a matter of days, the United States will follow suit.

If you live alone, have no family members or close friends who require your special attention, and have no alternative living space, you have no decision to make. You are where you will be for coming weeks.

Many households are now swelling as colleges and universities close, sending students to their parents’ homes, and young adults find themselves facing financial ruin amid the shutdown of theaters, restaurants, gig economy work, construction sites, and other forms of employment lacking job protection and home leave assistance. These young adults may also choose to return to their parents’ homes, or to secondary residences owned by friends or relatives.

As employers shift to work-from-home status, white-collar workers with salaried jobs need to consider where best to hunker down, allowing them strong Internet access and a home work setting. For workers whose jobs require physical presence at a work site, such as custodians, factory workers, security guards, construction personnel, taxi drivers, and the like, the relocation option is decided—stay put. But many may lose their jobs, either temporarily or permanently, due to the epidemic, and the prospect of six to eight weeks without an income stream is excruciating. Anybody facing that prospect should immediately negotiate with their landlords, mortgage lenders, and utilities, seeking long-term payment options, and scour for information regarding their legal rights if threatened with eviction, power shut-off, or lost credit due to epidemic-spawned nonpayment.

Don't Touch Your Face podcastListen on Apple podcastsListen on Spotify

Listen Now: Don’t Touch Your Face

A new podcast from Foreign Policy covering all aspects of the coronavirus pandemic

Because elderly people, particularly those with underlying medical conditions, are at special risk for severe reactions to COVID-19, including death, many families are making choices to move closer to their aged loved ones, or bring them to live with their adult children and grandchildren. These can be painful decisions, particularly if the elder’s health requires daily attention or features dementia. As the epidemic worsens, it will become increasingly dangerous for such elders to travel: Tough choices must be made immediately.

Once tough location decisions have been made, the household must be readied for a long siege. While panic-buying has led to stockpiles of toilet paper and hand sanitizer, getting through eight months of confinement with others will require a great deal more, both physically and psychologically. This is especially true for households that span generations.

Long-term confinement that includes children undergoing remote schooling and adults trying to work requires designated spaces for each individual, a powerful Internet signal and Wi-Fi router, and a great deal of shared patience. Everybody in the household must understand how the coronavirus is spread, and what steps each should follow to eliminate their personal risk of passing infection to others in the home.

The virus is transmitted by droplets and fomites—it isn’t like measles, capable of drifting about in the air for hours. It dehydrates quickly if not inside water, mucus, or fomite droplets. The size of the droplets may be far below what the human eye can see, but they are gravity-sensitive, and will fall from an individual’s mouth down, eventually, to the nearest lower surface—table, desk, floor. You do not need to clean upward.

However, a newly published study, backed by the National Institutes of Health, found that the virus survives in “aerosols for up to three hours, up to four hours on copper, up to 24 hours on cardboard and up to two to three days on plastic and stainless steel.” This means an uncleaned surface can pose a risk to members of the household for a very long time—a doorknob, tabletop, kitchen counter or stainless steel utensil.

Both the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and Occupational Safety and Health Administration have posted cleaning guidelines, indicating which simple, inexpensive products can eliminate the coronavirus from surfaces in your household or work areas. Give special attention to the most commonly shared surfaces in your home or work area: door knobs, light switches, phones, faucets, toilet handles, kitchen utensils, computer keyboards, and remote controls.

The virus is killed by ultraviolet sunlight, and air flow will hasten dehydration. Do notcreate air flow by turning on building central air systems—you will spread contamination. If there are windows, open them wide and leave them open whenever weather conditions allow. If there are curtains or shades, open them and let sunlight pour in.

If available, wear latex or heavy-duty dishwashing gloves while cleaning anything that an individual suspected to be infected with COVID-19 has had contact with. Place all used gloves and other disposable contaminated items in a bag that can be tied closed before disposing of them with other waste. Wash hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds immediately after removing gloves.

If you live in an apartment, condominium, or co-housing facility, ask management to post signs limiting the number of people allowed to share an elevator to however many can fit in the cars while maintaining a distance of three feet from one another. Elevator buttons should be cleaned regularly. Deliveries should be left in a common area, such as the building lobby, rather than having outsiders use the elevators and knock on household doors.

And all residents should be asked to please be mindful of contagion courtesy, covering mouths when coughing or sneezing and teaching children to do the same. After coughing or sneezing into hands, do not touch public surfaces in the building such as elevator buttons, banisters, and door handles.

It’s also important to prepare psychologically. Every family or couple has its issues, and tensions can amplify during long confinement. Common sense can ease the shared suffering.

If children are undergoing remote schooling, and parents are simultaneously working remotely, everybody needs headphones, plenty of computer bandwidth, and a designated workspace. Before stores close, make sure every user has proper cables, headphones, batteries, adapters, and other tools of the computer trade.

Printers, if they will be used, require paper and ink: Have plenty on hand.

Everybody needs routines, including exercise and recreation. Shared burdens of cooking and cleaning should be offset by shared play and fun.

Boredom and stress can suck the lifeblood out of a person. Before your home goes on lockdown, make sure your download accounts for movies and television are paid. There are plenty of good books around the house, and games and decks of cards are handy.

Plan now for your state of siege. Don’t delay. Choose where you want to survive the pandemic, with whom, and how. Your window of opportunity to act is shrinking, very fast.

Correction, March 18, 2020: San Francisco Mayor London Breed ordered her entire population to “shelter in place” this week. A previous version of this article incorrectly described the mayor.

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Love in Politics, Really?

The only way to override politicized hate is with politicized love — our love for freedom, our love for each other, our love for the earth, our love for our children, our love for our country.

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It’s Talking — Are You Listening to Your Body?

IMG_7738I started my transformational journey at a very young age. It started when I was given the gift of The EST Training at fifteen years old. Over the next four years I went on to do LifeSpring; the Landmark Forum; The Communication Course; The 6-Day; weekly seminars on such topics as integrity, money, and relationships; even a six-month long leadership program where I was being trained to lead Introductions to the Forum. I remember so many of the adults telling me how fortunate I was to be receiving transformative distinctions at such a young age and if they had known “this stuff” as a teenager, boy how their lives would be different. What would have been possible for them if they were armed with this knowledge of the mind early in life?

IMG_7746In 2000, I was immersed in the work of the heart and in the study of male-female dynamics.  I could see what was possible if people knew the benefits of heart-centered practices — the end of domestic violence, the return of family values, love over fear — wouldn’t it be great if everyone was gifted with this access to the heart too?

In 2012, now a mother of two young girls, I embarked on yet another journey, this one of spiritual nature. One that helped me accept my empathic essence, harness my own intuitive abilities, consider that I am a powerful healer and even commune with Archangel Michael. This work was powerful. What difference would it make on the planet if everyone was uplifted with this connection to spirit?

Body and Mind BalanceToday, I am completely drawn to the mind-body connection. I acknowledge that this is an area in which I have much to learn, as my Mind and my Body have had very little relationship over the last 4 decades. Funny aside: I thought my Body liked staying up late, watching movies, enjoying cocktails and eating potato chips. It certainly seemed more fun than sleeping, drinking water and working out! Ah, the mind can be a tricky foe.

My wish is to pass the important knowledge of the mind, heart, and spirit onto my girls while they’re young, providing them the opportunity to lead what I call “integrated lives,” but perhaps with a stronger emphasis on the body. What would be possible for them if they were armed with this knowledge early? How would learning to release other people’s energy from their bodies help them in the long run? Would learning to ground everyday save them from stress and burn out? Would listening to their bodies save them from disease?

Recently I met a remarkable young man who seemed to answer all my questions in one fell swoop. In the short time I spent with him, he spoke about every subject I have spent my life studying and he stood before me the living proof of what is possible when young people are armed with the great knowledge of the dimensions of well-being.

Trained in multiple disciplines of kinesiology and believing that within each of us a great healer awaits, Dr. Reid Etter has spent his life integrating the mind, body, heart and spritit into tangible, bite-size pieces of information that everyone can understand. In addition to being a doctor of chiropractic, Dr. Reid uses the following modalities in his work:

  • TBM – Total Body Modification

tbm_logoEvery aspect of ourselves is taken into account when using TBM — our anatomy, biochemistry, spirituality and energy — since all are intrinsically dependent upon one another for total balance and resonant harmony. Using the wisdom of the body via the muscular system, TBM operates on the understanding that the body can provide vital information on our state of health and has the incredible ability to heal itself.

  • NET – Neuro Emotional Technique

NET-LOGO2-150x150In our modern age we find ourselves inundated with incredible amounts of stress, and this stress when unaccounted for, can settle within the body and create imbalance. NET seeks to locate emotional disturbances and imbalances, and removes them withefficiency and delicacy in order to restore ultimate performance and function.

  • NRT – Nutritional Response Testing

Female body of Nervous and digestive system artworkOur ancestors could cure their afflictions with food, but today poor farming methods and the use of harsh chemical fertilizers have created a vastly nutritionally depleted food epidemic that has resulted in widespread nutritional imbalance. NRT seeks to determine specific nutritional imbalances within our bodies and addresses them with small doses of highly concentrated nutritional supplementation to reverse and ultimately restore light into the body.

  • QRA – Quantum Reflex Analysis

fullsizeoutput_46d9Disease phonetically breaks down into ‘dis’ and ‘ease’ which means a ‘lack of ease’ or stress to the body. Recognizing that emotional and chemical toxicity are the precursors for nearly all disease, QRA operates at the quantum energy level to unravel the layers of imbalance arriving at the Core Truth of a patient’s disease. Determining appropriate measures to eliminate such toxicity from the body can transform it from a state of disease to one of ease.

I had the privilege of sitting down and connecting with Dr. Reid recently. For me, he is the missing link. Listen in while we talk about healing from the body’s perspective.


QoC: I am so honored to get to explore some of these vital topics with you today, thank you in advance! So let’s dive right in, shall we? You feel we can ALL heal ourselves. How is that possible?

DRE: Healing can be a difficult arena to address because each individual possesses his/her own innate blend of characteristics in addition to their place in their own life journey. To discuss anything healing, it is first important to delineate what we are actually healing here, and of course the healing begins with our bodies.

As we sit here at this present moment, each one of us is a living, breathing entity, with trillions of cells each individually performing their own myriad of activities in seamless flow. Cardiac muscle cells are creating electrical current waves through particular balances of sodium and potassium ratios every few seconds. The pituitary gland is constantly updating its output of stimulating hormones depending upon specific changes in hormonal activity in the body. The glutathione pathway of the liver is neutralizing free radical activity and other damaging issues in the body as we speak. This list goes on and on, but my point here is your body is clearly a miraculous vessel with seemingly endless functions, tasks and possibilities. All of these functions are taking place beneath the conscious level, meaning they are subconscious. The body is thus equivalent to what we deem the subconscious mind. All possible information regarding an individual’s body is thus stored in the body, which are all accessible if we somehow had a way to speak with this subconscious wonder. This is where muscle testing enters into the equation, because it utilizes neurological reflexes (which are inherently subconscious) to access deeper truths of a person’s health.

Thus, to begin to truly HEAL ourselves, we must speak the language of the subconscious. At one point in human evolution, beings were able to access this through something known as intuition, although this skill has been largely lost in modern days due to many unnatural changes to our ways of living. The only reason an individual is out of balance, or ‘unhealthy’, stems from 3 major arenas. The body is structural, meaning it has bones, ligaments, muscles, etc. When out of alignment the body loses important and vital function. Since healing can only take place when we bring things toward balance, any structural imbalance thus creates some sort of strain on the body and weakens a person’s overall health. Next, we have the biochemistry of the body. This realm includes enzymes, neurotransmitters, cofactors, vitamins, minerals, etc. Without understanding the biochemistry of the body and proper nutritional balance, a person can never be in a state of equilibrium. Finally, we have the realm of emotion. This often is the most overlooked — chronic emotional stressors. Since emotions are inherently subconscious, they have an immediate detrimental effect on the body (since it is the subconscious mind).

Our bodies were designed to handle short amounts of stress, such as running from a bear, finding safety, and coming back into a state of relaxation. We now live in a world where chronic stressors are present every which way we turn: primarily financial concerns, daily job requirements, ingestion of chemically laden food which exacerbates emotional stressors, etc. Basically, we can all HEAL ourselves if we rediscover how to listen to our bodies. The best way to begin this process is to spend time with your body. During free time throughout the day, find ways to hone in on different parts of your body, begin to notice areas of discomfort, the types of sensations you are feeling. Begin to take note of what you ingest and the way it makes you feel. Take note of individuals you surround yourself with and the way their presence makes you feel, etc. Begin to listen. In this way, you are rebuilding your sense of intuition which has been lost. When humans regain their ability to be intuitive, they regain their ability to heal their bodies; in this way, they rediscover their power once again.


QoC: I want to underscore one of the points you just made — the body is actually our subconscious. That’s a game changer for so many of us! Can you please say more about that?

DRE: Of course. Right now our bodies are all functioning without our conscious input. Our heart beats (and has been since the day we were born), our bowels move, our brain is constantly synthesizing neurotransmitters, our thyroid is making thyroid hormone, our livers are actively neutralizing toxicity and stabilizing sugar levels, etc. All of this is happening beneath the conscious mind. Therefore, our bodies operate at the subconscious level. Along this line of thought, our bodies are thus equivalent to the subconscious mind. You can spend your life analyzing your dreams, your behavioral patterns, basically the psychology of a person. But as long as you are missing the link between the mind and body, or rather, that the body is the mind, you will be chasing secrets your entire life that lead you nowhere.

For example, if a person is harboring a parasite in their bowels, it can manifest in their psychologic aspects as dark sexual desires, intense toxic cravings, dangerous emotional outbursts. These people begin to feel guilty of themselves because they believe these behaviors to be them, when in fact it is the parasite living within them altering their biochemistry and thus their psychology, since biochemical pathways are directly responsible for the synthesis of neurotransmitters, hormones, brain chemicals, etc.


QoC: Every answer brings to mind a slue of new questions, but first, let’s follow this patient harboring a parasite in their bowels…what do you do to treat them?

DRE: As far as treating parasitic infections go, there can be a number of reasons for their existence in the body. A parasite can only live inside the body when the body’s first line of defense is down: stomach acid. Your stomach naturally produces a highly acidic substance known as hydrochloric acid, or HCl. This potent acid aids the body not only in proper digestion, it also sterilizes any intruders (harmful bacteria, viruses, parasites in food) instantly. The only way a person can harbor a virus, harmful bacteria, or parasites is because again this barrier is weakened. The question becomes: how does stomach acid reduce in the body? Toxins, toxins, toxins. Synthetic chemicals in processed foods, negative emotional patterns, heavy metals in water and other sources, overconsumption of meat products, toxins in the air, etc. Anything of a low vibration (the list I just mentioned) begins to slowly degrade the immune system, which most people are unaware actually begins with proper stomach acid levels. Hydrochloric not only stays localized in the stomach, but it actually is in the entire lymphatic system in order to battle bad guys anywhere in the body, since the lymphatic vessels follow the venous vessels all throughout your body.

In short, parasites are not necessarily the entire issue. The issue is the fact your body is even allowing an environment in which they can hang out. People with similar interests tend to hang out together. Similarly, parasites tend to hang out in nasty environments, because they themselves are pretty nasty. The answer is to begin to purify your bowels, remove toxicity, negative emotional patterns, and reintroduce healing foods into the diet. The whole goal is to rebuild stomach acid so that way you prevent yourself from getting parasites in the future and also build your true immune system. The children you hear in the news who died of E. Coli infections from Chipotle had virtually no stomach acid at the time they ate the food, or the acid would have neutralized the infectious bacteria immediately. In short, you don’t just start with the parasite. You need to find out why the body is so weakened to begin with to allow such a thing. A liver fluke might be living in someone’s liver because their liver is littered with the heavy metal lead, inhibiting its function. An intestinal worm may be present in a person because they experienced a traumatic rape experience from which they have never recovered, destroying their immune system and allowing in an intestinal parasite after a night out at a sushi restaurant 12 years later. Every single person is different; that’s why you need to ask the body!


QoC: You spoke about intuition earlier and that when we regain our intuitive ability we will regain our ability to heal. Let’s go back to that.

DRE: The way I learned nearly everything I have learned is exploring my own body. I started by utilizing self muscle testing to ask my body what needed help and eventually reaching my own conclusions through listening to my body. I think very often people have a good idea what is good for them to eat, how to exercise, etc., but there is so much misinformation out there that it’s hard to know at times. The key point here is: every person is different. If you ever read a health article stating that ‘this food is always good for this and every person should be eating this way’, it is garbage. Every person is different, and, each person is in their own place. What I mean by this is we need context. Some people may be so toxic that eating broccoli or spinach is not good for them. Broccoli and spinach have a high mineral profile and minerals simply release toxins like crazy from the body. While normally this would be a good thing, if this same person’s kidneys and liver are too weak to handle the toxic release all at once they will actually be setting themselves back further from healing. Coconut oil can be too powerful for people with weak immune systems because it is just that, very powerful. Similarly to when you look in the sun and it blinds your eyes, just because it hurts to look into the sun doesn’t make the sun bad; you have to ask why does it hurt my eyes? Did you know you should be able to look into the sun and feel no pain? The eyes relate to the liver and the liver relates to toxins. Hmmm…

It can be helpful to come in to see someone well versed in the way the body works, as I have spent my entire life exploring every nook and cranny of healing and have lived through nearly every possible health setback one can imagine. This has honed me into a very passionate person, my entire goal is to heal as many as I can to the greatest of my ability. To heal hell, one must live through it. The challenges we experience are simply portals into new dimensions once we rise through them. We live in a time which is extremely toxic, from the food in the supermarkets to the propaganda on television sets. More than ever, we need to return to understanding how our bodies work, and how our physical healing creates space for a spiritual ascension into higher consciousness and experience.


There is SO much valuable and life-changing knowledge on this topic to share that I couldn’t possibly fit it all into one post. Please join me again for the next installment of “Awakening with Dr. Reid.” In the meantime, enjoy this video.


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Fighting the Good Fight

Book of lifeA wise and beautiful Evolutionary Astrologer, Kristin Fontana, once told me, “You must share your stories.” I didn’t think that was such a good idea, and to be honest, the idea of it scares the bejesus out of me even now. Mainly because I have always chosen to write about the good in the world, about the everyday heroes who fight the good fight, who help us find love over fear and who remind us that we are all in this thing called life together. So, what if my life’s stories aren’t that? Well, I guess we are about to find out.

In late January, 2016, I received a clean bill of health from my new Internist and six weeks later on March 4th, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Imagine my surprise! “Biologically you have the best kind of breast cancer you could have.” Basically I was looking at a lumpectomy, some radiation, and Tomoxifin for five years — one and done — easy — everyone made it seem like “cancer lite.” It definitely sucked, but the process was certainly doable and at 48 was told I’d live a long and properous life.

Over the next six weeks, things kept changing however, and by April, post mastectomy, my diagnosis was upgraded sadly to advanced Stage IV breast cancer. My tumor, who I lovingly referred to as Trudy, had jumped the fence and had taken up residence in my sternum. They told me my disease was treatable and manageable, but not curable.

Did you know that human cells are meant to survive 20-30 years, some even less? We are living longer than we ever have before and so our cells need to regenerate. But with each regeneration there is a chance for mutation. These mutated cells are cancer cells. Thus, we all have cancer cells in us, it’s just a matter of what triggers them. Some will be triggered by environmental issues, others genetics, some mental or emotional stresses. There’s also food, medication, you name it — so many potential triggers. So what was mine?

Growing up I was raised with the notion that disease is simply DIS-EASE in the body, physical manifestations of the fear in your mind and the places in your life that need to be healed. For example: if I had hip issues it was because I was fearful of moving forward, shoulder issues were being fearful of taking on too much responsibility, and cancer, well I was taught that cancer was the complete denial of self.

Holy shit! Could I be completely denying who I am? I didn’t understand. I had worked so hard to embrace myself in all my glory and in all my messy parts, to finally welcome the empath, the intuitive, the healer, and to embrace my spirituality. But was it all too late? This cancer had been growing in my body for eight to ten years before being detected. Statistically speaking, 34% of metastasized breast cancer patients live three years. “What happened to the other 66%,” I asked. And that’s when it hit me…this was some
serious shit. But three years? Oh hell no! Frankly, I’m on the 30-year plan and I’m having t-shirts made that read “I am not a statistic.”

screen-shot-2017-03-03-at-8-45-10-amSo how am I doing with this, really? Well, first, I made my peace with it by embracing the belief that we are all terminal, none of us knows when our time will be up, and that really, I’m no different from anybody else. Second, I cry. I cry at the thought of not hugging my husband good morning or kissing my daughters good night, and I cry for the legion of beautiful souls I love and would leave behind on earth. I let the intense emotions move through me now rather than bottling them up inside. And lastly,  I made a decision. I have decided that I am not dying of cancer…I am thriving with cancer! I am not choosing to “do battle,” I am choosing to transform this cancer. I’m transforming it with good modern medicine, healthy plant-based nutrition, and healing energy work. In fact, it has been noted that I seem more alive now than I ever have before.

In truth, Louise Hay, who wrote the book on healing the body with positive affirmation, says that breast cancer has to do with putting other’s needs before your own, being overly motherly and nurturing, or lacking in self care. This, this I can resonate with. Classic female! Giving to others before giving to yourself, and with breast cancer being detected in epidemic proportions, what does this potentially say about our society? It says that we have to find some balance. We need to be able to be mothers, wives, employees and girlfriends, but not give away the farm. We need to be able to give the special people in our lives the space to be themselves. We need to be able to work and play AND take care of our bodies — creating a beautiful relationship between mind, body and spirit.

And there you have it — a story from my life. Perhaps cancer was always meant to be and perhaps this was the story that I was always meant to share. A story to inspire those who are scared and those who cry to find the love over the fear, a story to remind us to celebrate all that is good in our lives even in the face of death, and a story to remind us that we are never alone in this thing called life.


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Renewed Hope, Real Solutions – Earth Day Summit 2016

Wow, we’ve clearly made a mess of things… global warming, species on the brink of extinction, polluted water supplies and more.

Yet, if we put the miraculous, collective power of our hearts and minds together, we CAN solve these problems.

Earth Day Summit 2016Solutions DO exist and every day, more and more incredible people are rolling up their sleeves and finding creative ways to fix what we once feared unfixable.

Plus, we now have access to an abundance of cutting-edge technologies, effective community organizing platforms and revolutionary, life-giving ideas!
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Join a powerful lineup of speakers who’ll be sharing these solutions and more at Earth Day Summit 2016!

This special gathering will feature 15+ esteemed environmental leaders, innovators, activists, scientists and ecologists who are offering a renewed sense of hope, step-by-step solutions for local and global action — and restored reverence for Mother Earth.

Experts, including Starhawk, Kenny Ausubel, Vicki Robin, Chief Phil Lane, Jr., David Crow, Xiuhtezcatl Martinez and others, will share their visionary insights and inspired actions for a healthy, sustainable and thriving planet.

I hope you’ll participate in this special day-long gathering presented by The Shift Network.

RSVP now for Earth Day Summit 2016 — at no charge.

During this inspiring event, you’ll discover:

  • Practical steps & innovative solutions for living in harmony with Mother Earth’
  • Trusted resources & expert guidance for making sustainable life choices
  • A vibrant community of kindred spirits mobilizing globally to create a thriving planet
  • Ways to take action on local levels as well as national legislative action
  • The experience of activating global consciousness, weaving the world together
  • Engaging stories of those who are making a difference in the world, inspiring you to take action and create your own out-of-the-box solutions
  • Invaluable insights on grassroots organizing, citizen lobbying & community action
  • And much more!
With guidance from these leaders, you’re sure to come away from this global gathering deeply transformed — and part of the solution!
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Join a vibrant global community and an extraordinary panel of presenters for a FULL DAY of hope, inspiration, actions and discover your next step for personal and planetary transformation.

RSVP now for Earth Day Summit 2016 — at no charge.

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Sister Giant | Blue America Free Progressive Summit Starts February 23rd

Meet congressional candidates from all over the country who stand for progressive values coming into Congress — the co-equal branch of our government.

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