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Love in Politics, Really?

The only way to override politicized hate is with politicized love — our love for freedom, our love for each other, our love for the earth, our love for our children, our love for our country.

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Marianne For Congress!

In 1997, internationally acclaimed author, lecturer and thought leader, Marianne Williamson published Healing the Soul of America, calling for a holistic perspective on America’s political system. The book is an insightful examination of our history and politics, offering personal and political solutions for the renewal of our democracy. On Sunday, October 20, 2013, Marianne announced her candidacy for the House of Representatives, District 33, and I had the privilege to hear her announcement live!


Marianne says, “The American government has lost its ethical center and its deep commitment to democracy, drifting ever more consistently in a corporatist direction. And no one specific legislative initiative can fix that. I believe that a wave of independent candidates, all committed to a huge course-correction, is necessary to turn our ship around. I feel my campaign, and most importantly my win, can help inspire such a movement.” Marianne is running as an Independent.

This is bigger than one woman running for Congress. This is about the emergence of the heart, a politics of consciousness, a political force that says it is not economic principles and values that should order our civilization, but humanitarian ones. This is about we the people of the United States saying to both political parties through a wave of Independent candidacies that we’ll, “take it from here.”

There is no reason to expect that the system is going to welcome a buck to it’s status quo, but it is time to take a new approach and bring about balance. This can be a collective expression of our most enlightened selves. If you believe like I do in the beauty of democracy as it was originally intended, then please consider running for office, encouraging a woman you know to run, helping with their campaign, investing in their leadership. We are the people we have been waiting for.

Marianne said it best, “Politics should not be the least heartfelt thing we do, it should be the most heartfelt thing we do.” She needs every part of us that is not weak, every part that is not a victim, and every part that knows “I’m a grown up,” to be a steward for democracy. Politics is dirty. Politics is brutal, and the issues are ugly. Although Marianne says cynicism and anger have no place in what we are seeking to do here, and that we will speak the truth of our hearts in this campaign over and over and over again.

I align with Marianne on this journey towards a higher sensibility, one that looks at politics from a holistic view. Visit her website today, and see why so many of us are excited to be creating a new template for political change.

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