Girl Scout Rededication From the Heart

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I wanted to pass this Girl Scout Rededication along to all you Leaders out there who might be looking for something  a little more meaningful to do with your girls. My co-leader and I did this with our Third Grade Brownies and they seemed to really like it. In fact, it inspired a huge group hug and praise such as “You’re the best leaders EVER!” (Each time you see an asterisk, light a candle to represent the three parts of the Girl Scout Promise.)

Leader: Today we come together in silence as we rededicate ourselves to Scouting. We light three candles signifying the three parts of the Girl Scout Promise as we renew it.

Leader: Repeat after me (*) “On my honor, I will try to serve my country.”

Co-leader: On my honor, I will TRY. We cannot succeed if we do not try. So, we will try, and although we may not always succeed, we will grow with each new experience as we put into practice the Promise and Law.

Leader: Our goal is to help you be good citizens today and active citizens tomorrow, as the Scout loves her country and has knowledge of its relationship to the world.

Leader: Repeat after me (*) “To help people at all times.”

Co-leader: All women are sisters. Never forget that. We learn that there are many likenesses in all people, but where there are differences we gain exciting opportunities for understanding and growth.

Leader: Others need you and it is good to know that you are learning skills and have knowledge which can make someone else happier and that you can be useful and of service.

Leader: Repeat after me (*)“And to live by the Girl Scout Law.”

Co-leader: Each Scout is an individual, and by keeping yourself forever fit, (mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually) you are better ready to serve others and enjoy everyday living to its fullest potential.

Leader: It is your privilege to keep yourself physically fit, to live with kind thought and unselfish deeds, and to keep yourself morally strong.

Co-leader: As the candle light grows brighter it does indeed fill this room, but it is your internal light that makes this room glow, knowing what a contribution you are to the world.

Leader: Think about all you have done already as Scouts. You are girls of courage, confidence and character with hearts aflame with accomplishment. We look forward to an exciting year of fun and opportunities, as we grow together as Girl Scouts.

Pin new stars and have each repeat the Promise, if desired.

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